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my PRIOR WCR 185...as u look at the tip both sets of inserts are 5mm offset right


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This is probably the reson the board was a demo. We have had similar problems with insert alignment. 1/4 in off is a bit more than we would have accepted as well. This should not cause any problems with the board from a performance aspect. You can simply adjust the toe and heel blocks on your binding forward or backward to center your boot on the board. This can become a bit of a hastle if you move your bindings from board to board, but it's the price you pay if you buy a blem. If Prior is anything like us, most of the blems become demos or discounted.

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Yep same here at a smaller level!

Sometimes things don't happen as expected and boards can come off press with either very slightly offset inserts, small aspect defaults on the top sheet, small bubbles on the base that need a fix then sand job etc, small delam problems that need a reglue in the press etc etc...

Most of those boards end up as demo, some with the cosmetics end up "discounted"... we, and i think most manufacturers avoid selling the boards that will risk a break/delam..

Hopefully problems aren't that common: we have to use normal boards as demo sometimes :)

Offset inserts are hard to deal with when u have discs like on the new TD2 or like on the emery course > holes are so precise that there is no room to play with so its better to use TD1 or bindings with long holes on the discs that you can turn 90° to accomodate the offset inserts.


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Guest JohnSch

Can't speak to the particular board, but I have seen used/demo boards on Prior's website where they list offset inserts as the reason the board's being sold at a discount. I've bought three boards from Prior (one used, two blems) and been very happy with each aspect of the experience.

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