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NASTAR and Innkeepers Race series return to Okemo


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After taking a year off for COVID-19, Okemo will again offer Friday, Saturday, and Sunday NASTAR plus the Tuesday Innkeepers Race series.  It'll be my 16th year as Pacesetter. 

On most weekends, I'll set one GS course with traditional ski gates and one with rubber stubbies for boarders.  We'll likely kick off the season around New Years.  Hope to see you folks.

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On 11/18/2021 at 3:41 PM, gburgess said:

Thanks for the info Pat.

When and how long is the rubber stubbie course up for on Saturdays? Is it located on the NASTAR trail or some other?



On most Saturdays and Sundays I'll set one course with stubbies.  It will be open from 10 to 2 each day.  Best to check  with me before coming over pmoore (at) snet.net as I sometimes have to set ski gates on both courses.  It will be on the regular NASTAR trail Sitting Bull which is adjacent to the A Quad at the main base area.

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