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When I got my first coiler, I asked bruce this and he said it just has a factory wax on the base, so a good hot wax is a good idea. I also left my Coiler PR edges as is, but later gave them a 1 degree base bevel. On my AM, I waxed it twice and set the base at 1 degree also. The base came with a structure already so I didnt touch that. I don't have a 89 degree side edge guide so I just leave them at 90. I wish I did have one or wasnt so cheap to go out and buy one (maybe this summer).

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when mine came from bruce it looked amazing. aside from doin multiple hot scrapes and base saturations I just left it.

hot scrape it, wax it, scrape it, wax it, repeat a few times until the last coat is the one that is right for where youll be ridin.

maybe polish the edges a bit. ready to go.

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Search this forum for "wax" or "waxing" or "tuning" - several good threads in each of these searches. Also check www.tognar.com. and check the technical area of Toko's web site

Main points: hot wax, scrape until you can't scrape any more off, brush, cork, repeat at least two or three times before first use. This will clean the base and drive wax deep into the base material. Use a red wax for the inital waxings, then play with other colors as you see fit.

Lots of good edge tools out there: Beast, TOKO, SkiVisions, etc. I just bought the TOKO Ergo Speed Diamond - great in your pocket for keeping the edges clean and removing any burrs!!

Enjoy your time in the shop!!

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