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Alex Walters

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I'm new to alpine snowboarding but I really want to get into it. I'm just trying to decide what kind of board to get. An all-mountain style or more of a freecarve style board. The all-mountain would work becuase I'm not strictly going to be carving. I need something that I can go all over the place with in all types of terrain. I snowboard with my friends on softboots and I want to be able to keep up with them and go where they go. I don't want to be limited to certain runs and terrain by the type of gear I have. On the other hand I know that when I become more advanced I'm going to want more of a race style board. I can't see myself needing a super stiff full on racing board any time soon but I can see the need for a softer freecarve board. I'm pretty sure that the all-mountain would suit my needs but I would like to know how a freecarve board would fit my style. I also need help deciding which style I should start to look at.

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give us some more info about yourself.

i suspect that a board around 20cm wide and not overly long will fit the bill.

a freecarve or an all-mountain board would be peachy. everything skids. what determines the perceived range of function of the gear is actually your ability and your familiarity with it. there are situations where a particular style is more beneficial, but unless you have serious powder issues or whatever, i suspect that a 167ish board would work.

it's an illness, really.

burton alps are nice lil' boards to play on, and cheap.

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You said you wanted to know more about me. I've been on soft gear for about 5 years. I'm a decent snowboarder but not excellent. I find I like staying on the ground and going down some fun runs and picking up speed more than I like going off jumps so I've decided to look into alpine. I can't carve but I've tried on my softboot setup. I've managed to make more defined lines in the snow and skid less but I'm still not full on carving. All of my friends are on softboots and I go all over the place with them. I need something versitle that will go in all different conditions but still carve. I'm not looking to go super fast. 40-45mph is an approximation of the speeds I reach when I try and pick up speed on a run I'm confortable with but I won't be carving at those speeds when I'm learning so I need something that will carve easily at low speeds. I definatly don't need the ability to ride switch and I don't need something that will go off of jumps. I stay on the ground 99% of the time, only a little hop here and there if I get some air off a little ridge in the run. I'm 5'10" and a 167 comes up to my eyes. Again I need something for all conditions that still carves and will still be a good board for me when I become more advanced.

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Originally posted by Alex Walters

I was looking at the Axis and checking the reviews on this site. I think that might be the one. It's a little pricy though.

I've got the 172 and it's got 100+ days on the hill and still going strong. Definitely the most versatile board in my quiver. I beat up my equipment pretty badly and this thing keeps coming back for more. It is worth every penny.

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