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WTF 2022 Jan 13- 29

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snowreport: wed sep 01, 2021
howdy all

well, no snow yet, but much cooler comfy temps than the brutal summer heat. I would take a dip in the river after work to cool down. the days seem to fly by and we are already in September. I am having foot issues and it has been about a week and a half, it is not fun and I hope it does not affect my riding. got a new to me 160 donek incline that looks new and can't wait to try it. still need to get my pass and will work on it soon when my foot heals up. I am glad that Cuban and shred are coming again and I hope gunslinger65 makes it too. maybe others stop by on their way to MCC. now lets pray for a good winter...

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Hey west carven, I will be there with shred and the gang. January 13-29 purchased a season pass seeing that it was cheaper. Looking forward to riding with you guys, I got a new board coming out Kessler 159 x-carve also I'm bringing the Ogasaka 162 FC-X and the Coiler cant wait. 

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I'm super keen to make it there again this season, it's been way too long! Might make it over WTF, we'll see how the work schedules and weightlifting competition requirements go. Hoping to see you all sometime this season though.

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