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Donek F Plate


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Hello ,can someone help me about snowboard plate?

Having a plate on a snowboard your a bit higher , does it give you more flexibility to ajust your angle for your fix?

 I have a F2 silberfeild 169 and I am more of a carving snowboarder than a racing type. The board have a smaller waits and I don’t have much freedom for angles (fixation)

 There is not much choice in my area and I was wondering if someone had e experience with the model Donek F Plate.

need advice 

Thank you 

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Donek F plate is similar to Vist which has had much success in World Cup racing.  Like Mr.E said, it will give you some extra height off the board, allowing lower binding angles.  It will also provide some vibration absorption, and make the board turn longer.  If you only want to raise your bindings off the board, you might try Apex Gecko plates.  They are lighter weight and simpler.  I'm not sure if Apex is still in business though, you might have to look for used ones.  Our classifieds are a good place to look.

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I finally got to ride an F plate today. It is the original prototype Sean modeled from my daughter's Kessler K plate, comparable to a Vist. According to my daughter the Donek F-plate was more compliant than either the Vist or K plate. She preferred it and used it for her last WC racing season.

Although the F Plate is designed to be used with a SL board, I mounted it on my 175 Donek Rev. Close enough?

I have used both Geckos and a Bomber BoilerPlate 4mm lite on this Rev. Both the Geckos and the Boilerplate made the board feel stiffer, effectively lengthening the turn radius–the BoilerPlate noticeably more so than the Geckos.

The F plate has a similar ride dampening quality to Geckos in smoothing out ruts, but it provides significantly more solid and uniform edge pressure. The F Plate is noticeably heavier than the Geckos. The F-plate is barely 1mm taller than Gecko.

TD3 sidewinders with bp bases mounted on the F-plate were imperceptibly higher than standard td3sw (with the thick e-ring bases) mounted on a plateless board. Didn't actually measure, just wasn't noticeable.


I was never really interested in plates until a couple of years ago I when started having knee pain with every bump after a knee injury. Plates really helped me enjoy getting some turns without further damaging my knee while the ligaments were healing.

The only other plate (and first) I've ever rode was a Donek AF about 8 or 9 years ago at SES. Sean mounted it on a 180 Rev for me to try.

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Rode this setup again today after we had trenched up the hill and the light went flat. I really like it. The change in the flex of my 175 Rev is ever so slight, yet the edge pressure and sureness is increased significantly. Turn radius is very slightly increased. The edge sureness combined with the dampening of ruts gave me confidence to ride at normal speeds even though I couldn't see the terrain in the flat light.

I suspect that putting this on a shorter board, like a SL board, it might have a more noticeable effect on board flex, maybe. 

The version I'm using is the 4x4 mount. While it appears that Geckos are no longer available from Apex (maybe from Virus?), I still see the F-plate (4x4 only) on the Donek website. Not sure if Sean still has them in stock, but anyone who wanted the hard-to-find Geckos, or just a compliant easy to ride plate, might want to look into an F-plate.

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Rode this again today on super firm subzero groom with ruts and ice chunks. Really, really liking this plate. Using F2 race titaniums that might have a better toe and heelside feel than the td3sw with bp bases. Although it's heavy, you don't really notice it while riding other than a feeling like you have more mass driving through stuff. It's like the board still flexes nicely, but it doesn't get pushed around by rough terrain. Otherwise, I just don't notice that it's there.

I trenched up the hill all morning on my Thirst XC and was likely done for the day as it was getting harder to find smooth turns in the rutted up hard snow. Riding the Rev with the F-plate kept me going for another couple of hours going into some of the ice chunky areas I was avoiding earlier.

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