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First Day of Summer…Closer to Winter!


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In the dark Southern climes of New Zealand, ski season has begun with Mt Hutt open with reasonable early season snow. Other fields not so blessed with snow yet.

We increasingly celebrate Matariki, the Maori New Year, around this time of year.

Our Aussie cousins have the Dark MoFo

Personally, I'm making preparations for an August trip to Cardrona & Treble Cone ski fields, with a collection of boards, and a pair of carving skis. Have family & friends joining me for periods of the time away. Hopefully lots of GoPros etc.

Aussie travel bubble with NZ has just popped, with a brewing Covid infectious Australian visitor last weekend to Wellington who was symptomatic at time of their return flight and tested positive soon after. That will impact a lot of Australian snow visitors for the school holidays (spread over about 3 weeks) that start in 3 days time. Local impact will become clearer over the next week or so.


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Delta variant posed to be the next issue in Canada as well. Toronto hospital celebrated no covid patients then a few days later another hospital reported multiple delta cases of emergency staff with no apparent contact . Enjoy your turns !                                                                                                             What's with the little blue icon ? Already have too many "senior" designations attached to my person ! !

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Senior contributor? I'm wondering what the next rank is? 🤣

Celebrations this morning here too where NZ has won the World Championship in a major sport the USA and Canada really don't play.


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is that rocket going to nuke me avatar? … why is it covering my work of art? … I thought I was Annoying Contributor ...

this Tuesday, Wednesday June, 29-30 forecast is 99 degrees here in NW Montana ...

maybe no fireworks on the forth … it is going to get hot before the snow flies ...

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