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Thirst X Model 175

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I got to ride the new version of the X Model last weekend.  It's been a few years since I rode the original version, so the only difference that I could tell was in the appearance, but I'm sure Mark has done more than this to improve the ride.  In my review of the TS 202 I stated that if I was going on a trip and didn't know what the conditions would be and I could only take one of my boards it would be the TS.  That is still true, because I don't own the X Model.  The X has the same overall shape as the TS and approximately the same waist (22 cm-ish),  but is stiffer in the tip and tail.  I would feel comfortable taking this board in the trees, powder, bumps or groomers.  Mark calls it "Any Mountain" rather than "All Mountain" which is accurate.  There is enough tail rise to ride switch and enough nose rise to take it through the deep.  It's surprisingly quick edge to edge and will rail like any Thirst board I've ridden.  It was really fun and I wish that I never rode it.

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I asked Mark what boards he might have available (I was asking for a friend).

He sent me a couple of pics of that new X, so I thought I'd share them here. It's 177 with a 22cm waist. Calls it the Every Mountain (EM).

Man, it looks really nice with those red sidewalls. And I love that nose shape. Looks similar to the nose on the PC swallowtail carvers he made for me. No nose flip-flopping around while carving, yet still lifts over the soft stuff the way you want.


He also has the original "X" with a 21cm waist up for sale at a ridiculously low price.

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On 10/14/2021 at 9:32 AM, bigwavedave said:

He also has the original "X" with a 21cm waist up for sale at a ridiculously low price.

I've had the pleasure of riding both of these boards, they are both worth the price.

The newer one only has about 3 hours on it (guilty).

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