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6 hours ago, user1 said:

Perhaps the measurement being taken is just a bit off if a metric tape is not being used. 

I think the previous owner indicated a 50cm stance width and use of a VIST plate if it is the same board as: 


Yup that's the previous owner of the board. Thanks for providing better insight!

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On 4/8/2021 at 5:01 PM, nick8228 said:

I did many Slalom, Giant Slalom, and modified beer league races

\How many days and or races did you put on it?

How many tunes has it had?   Tune  = just wax and sharpen edges??

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8 hours ago, nick8228 said:

12 or so times

So you put 12 race days on it?    How many tunes??

Did you change the stock edge angles??

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23 hours ago, nick8228 said:

I tuned it quite often

Tune  = just wax and sharpen edges ??

Any base grinds?

You or a shop do the tunes??

You change the stock edge angles??

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I did waxing and sharpening edges at the same time. No base grinds to my knowledge.

I have kept the stock angles.


@barryj I have many years of experience learning from professional tuners on and off a race course. If it's the condition of the board you are concerned about, then there is not much to be concerned about given that I have been able to keep the board in as good of condition as possible given the riding on the east coast conditions.


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