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FS: F2 Intec parts to convert 1 boot/binding

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Intec Parts: $69.69. The sale from this less shipping fees will primarily form a donation to the forum.

Perfect for someone who has Intec compatible boots and F2 Race Ti bindings and is interested in trying Intec on their rear boot/binding. 

All the parts needed to convert 1 binding and 1 boot to Intec Step In. My current boots are incompatible with Intec. Includes the following:

  • Receiver + receiver cover + pressure plate
  • Toe plate/bail
  • Intec heel + cable + handle
  • All necessary bolts

This would cost 190.50 (+ shipping) Canadian Loonies from yyz (if you could pro-rata buy just 1 of the required things that are sold in pairs only).

I could have wiped these down to make them a little less ugly. Perfectly functional.



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Great gear from a solid guy!  Buy with confidence!

Daveo great photos....but were missing your professional hand model in these shots!

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  • daveo changed the title to FS: Oxess SXR182, Vistflex, Intec stuff

Hi Daveo,


Interested in the vistflex.  Shoot me a note if it’s still available for purchase  separate from the others. Thank you. 


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11 minutes ago, smaynard said:

Hi Daveo,


Interested in the vistflex.  Shoot me a note if it’s still available for purchase  separate from the others. Thank you. 


That has been done.

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  • daveo changed the title to FS: FREE Intec Stuff (clickbait alert), Oxess SXR182
  • daveo changed the title to FS: FREE F2 Intec parts to convert 1 boot/binding (clickbait alert)

daveo - I use a step-in rear and bail front, and have been wanting to try F2 bindings.  So, your parts offer is tempting if I eventually get a set of F2 bail bindings too.

Could you tell me how much you'd need for shipping to Ohio, USA zip 44646?


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I decided that investing in some future/maybe parts is kinda dumb, so I'm going to pass. Daveo's offer is therefore still available.

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  • daveo changed the title to FS: F2 Intec parts to convert 1 boot/binding
  • 3 weeks later...

Send me an offer. I'm a reasonable guy. I mean look at my profile photo. Even have a spare F2 lift kit that can go with this.

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    • By DjulezD
      Raichle 225 - size 260-265
      These were my goto hardboots before I switched to Deeluxes and Backlands.
      They have been used, but everything is in good working order. The heels are not worn and the buckles and zips work fine. They have not been punched. No alteration except inserts to attach a strap. Some binding marks on the toes.
      Original liners (size 265) are a bit worn (cf pictures) but do the job.
      I can replace them by a pair of Burton stock liners in size 270 for 10 bucks (you can have them both actually). 
      I also have Intec heels and BTS kit for sale on another post.
      120 USD + shipping





    • By Québec man
      2 pairs of F2 intec TI  large bindings.
      - 155 usd for 0ne pair... possible deal for both..😁
      - Burton spacer and shim kit 50 usd
      the buyer will have to pay for the shipping.

    • By D.T.
      SOLD - I’m selling a pair of F2 Titanflex Step-In bindings.  They are size S/M.  The bindings are currently configured with 6° and 3° lift blocks. I made these blocks out of Delrin when I had access to a machine shop. The wear marks on the step-in receivers are minimal, indicating the bindings have barely been used.
      SOLD - The price is $175 shipped in the US via USPS priority mail.

    • By Termin8tor
      Proto 185:
      Hate to see this one go however like all of my other boards I use them one year for race one year for training and then pass them on. This board however due to injury was only used for two races never trained and has so little use that I have never even had to polish the factory tune from F2.  If you don’t know anything about F2’s Proto series it is essentially the AMG to Mercedes.  By far probably the finest crafted board I’ve ever put on my feet. 9.8 out of 10 condition. Retails for nearly $2k before you pay import tax and shipping... asking $1100 fair and firm.  Plus shipping 

      Eliminator 163:*SOLD* Used for two or three runs before dropping off for a base grind. Unfortunately a small section of the edge was ground down approximately dime thickness. Still has a lot of life left in the board as it is essentially brand new. This is one of many Eliminators  that I own, with a brand new one on the way just passing along a good board and a great price.  Asking $450 plus shipping

    • By D.T.
      SOLD - I’m selling a pair of F2 Titanium Standard bindings, size S/M.  The bindings are set flat with no toe or heel lift on either binding. It appears as though I am missing one of the mounting screws. I will dig around to see if I can find it.
      SOLD - The price is $175 shipped in the US via USPS priority flat rate.

    • By DjulezD
      Hi Carvers,
      Fall season, time to clear out some gear and make room for other stuff.
      I have the following bindings for sale.
      Everything is in great condition and perfect working order.
      All prices in USD, shipping excluded. Shipping costs to contUS via USPS should be between 8.30 (small box) and 15.05 (medium box).
      === TD2 ===
      (a) Trench Digger 2, choice of blue or purple e-rings, 0 cant disks = 150 obo
      (b) TD2 Second Board Kit, blue / purple e-ring, 0 cant disks = 50 obo
      (c) Parts: cant disks 0 and 30 deg = 10 each
      TD2 pack = a+b+c = 200 obo
      === SnowPro ===
      Comes with all add-ins plus vinyl struts to prevent the space between the disks and the board to suck in the inserts of your board (the only real flaw of these otherwise very performant bindings).
      Asking price 100 obo.
      === F2 Intec Stepin ===
      These are not the last generation, but have been gently used. The set comes with Raichle step-in heels and cables.
      100 obo

    • By Jack M
      Bought this 2019 F2 World Cup SL 163 on clearance from @i-carve.com for the director of CVA snowboarding. Took it out yesterday to see how it is. VERY impressed!!  Edge hold, smooth, air between carves, perfect flex, great turn size.  Tight enough to only use half the trail, but not so tight that you're making 1000 turns in a run.  F2 is back on my radar!  Hadn't been on one since SES 05.  A friend who loves F2 tells me they were the ones who made the "Made in Austria" Kesslers.  Based on the top shelf build quality I'd say it certainly seems possible.  Don't worry, this pic is low on the mountain, there's more snow up higher.  But we are off to a bad start here in the east.  Hoping for a big dump tonight.

    • By forf.dawg
      I am selling a pair of Mountain Slope - Point .951 World Cup boots, used for one season. They are mondo size 27.5
      There is slight damage from the boot fitter on the right boot making the removal of the insert more difficult, no damage to structure or function of the boot though.
      Also for sale is a pair of F2 - Race Titanium  size Large bindings. All parts in images included.
      Asking $900 for both OR
      $800 for boots
      $200 for bindings
      I also have a 180cm x 20.0cm Kessler "The Alpine" for sale.
      PM for details or contact me with info below.
      text: 307-349-8630
      email: forrest.sawyer7@gmail.com

      The Kessler board for sale

    • By Daniel Valmont
      Board is in excellent condition, used 1 season. This is a snowboard that is used with hard boots - not for soft boot use. https://www.f2.com/snow/boards.php?L=&da=1917&dk=46&db=11&name=Speedster%20Worldcup%20RS

    • By Québec man
      F2 intec Heel like new 65$ USD
      Burton Bail Bindings 2 Pairs 120$ USD each or 220$ USD and save On Shipping.
      Buyer paid shipping... I  Do Low cost rate.
      Not able to upload pics... try later
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