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Winterstick Alpine Carving Boards


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Winterstick has really stepped up their game in the alpine carving world.   This is their second generation of alpine carving boards and they have nailed it.  Rob at Winterstick said they were constructed with 2 sheets of Carbon/Titanal/Rubber around a wood core.  The build quality, fit and finish was on par with the rest of of the custom alpine builders.  Winterstick has full custom choices available.  I had the chance to ride two of their boards.

185 GS 16/17/18 SCR with black Durasurf top sheet (p-tex) and all the holes for plates.  I am not a race guy, but a fun loving free carver, so I really can not tell you how it would do in the race course.  Out free carving, I had a blast on this board!  It was really intuitive to ride with great feed back.  The dampness soaked up the bumps  and made the speed needed to really make the board work very comfortable and fun.  

170 Montucky - Rob at Winterstick said that @johnasmodesigned the sidecut profile, I think it was a relative 11-12 SCR.  I will let John describe the SCR profile if he wants.  This board was freaking beautiful!  The wood grain top sheet was stunning!  I got a chance to spend a day on the board at Turner before the MCC.  After my first 3 turns on this board I knew I wanted one in my quiver.  If a K168 and a Contra had a love child, this how it would ride.  Very intuitive board to ride with great feedback.  You could ride centered or play the weight forward and back.  Very very positive and engaged underfoot, damp, quite, but lively.  It did great on the fresh and not so fresh groomers, so you could ride it all day.  

The big take home message for me after riding these two boards is that we have another freaking amazing Alpine Carving Board builder in North America!!!  Winterstick is clearly capable of building anything from a super racy GS board to a fun loving free carve board.  

@slopetoolwas the lucky fellow to win the Winterstick 170 Montucky at the MCC!

Thank you Winterstick for the great support of MCC and for joining the alpine carving community with such amazing boards!   









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I Just ordered a Winterstick Montucky 170 like the wood top sheet one above, but with black p-tex top sheet.

Winterstick can do full custom.  Rob and the Winterstick guys are serious builders.  

We are so fortunate to have such a variety of custom board builders in North America!

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I agree, Winterstick has made a quantum leap with their construction.  I demo'd their 162 Alpine earlier this season.  Frankly I expected it to suck, being their first foray into full metal construction, which is much more difficult than traditional layups.  I was blown away by how smooth and familiar the construction felt.  All parameters of the board worked in harmony - the flex, the VSR sidecut, the hearty amount of camber, decamber, the balance of liveliness and dampness - everything worked together to create a versatile board with a large sweet spot.  I have had other boards that seem to be in conflict with themselves, and as such have a smaller sweet spot.  There is some fancy mathematics that went into the shape and blending of the sidecut curves that I probably shouldn't detail.

I shouldn't be surprised, Rob Lu @soccerdoge is a legit engineer with a history of hardbooting.  I loaned him my UPZs and K168 last year and he took right off. 

I actually thought finally, Bruce can retire, which he's been threatening to do for years, lol.  Not that I want him to!!  I also thought, this is an alpine snowboard I would be happy to own.  And I will, just a different size.


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On 3/11/2021 at 9:48 PM, dredman said:

I Just ordered a Winterstick Montucky 170

Hey D,

Don't see any info on Alpine boards or how to custom order Alpine on their Home website - winterstick.com

How/where did you make your order??  

By comparison to their other board offerings the cost looks to max at $1400  ?? 

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The specs on the Winterstick Montucky:

  • 170cm length
  • Nose 256mm - Waist 190mm - Tail 240mm 
  • Effective edge: 1550mm
  • 40mm setback
  • Magic @Johnasmo SCR shape relatively 11.5m
  • Durasurf 4001 base and topsheet. 
  • Carbon/Titanal/Rubber layup. 
  • Maple/poplar core. 

I was able to put many days on this board this spring at Red Lodge, Big Sky and Whitefish.  Conditions ranging from cement spring frozen groomers (western ice), slush, and even some hero groom.  This board has a dash of the Contra and Kessler K168 with a blazing splash of Winterstick.  The construction is spectacular and the styling bold, yet super simple.  Winterstick offers wood grain finishes and P-Tex to-sheet options. 

Ride Report:

The board felt very intuitive, and not hooky or grabby.  The edge hold is very reliable, tenacious and predictable.  If you do over power the edge, it releases between your feet very predictably and re-engages magically and smoothly.  That is if you can get the edge to slip in a turn.  My last day on it this year was absolute frozen spring cement smooth groomers, the board allowed me to carve turns when none of my other boards would have allowed me to.  I do not have any east coast ice experience, but I think this would work magic for the Ice Coasters.  This board made me feel like a super hero on really crappy icy conditions.

On good carving conditions the board performs beautifully.  You can slarve if you need to, stop turns mid way through and accelerate into the next one, or just stand tall and do the freedom carve.  

Winterstick has nailed it with their 2nd generation boards and shapes.  The ride quality is spectacular, the spectrum of conditions that they are fun/easy to ride is VERY broad.  

We have been testing a few boards this season and Winterstick is now a SERIOUS Alpine Carving player. If a Contra and a K168 had offspring, this would be it.

Give Rob @soccerdoge at Winterstick a call to get your custom board headed your way.

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