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Coiler Contra (Room to Roam version)


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I finally was able to get 5 consecutive days on my beautiful Coiler Contra.  The first day out was a day I wouldn’t have taken the Monster (the board that I’ve been enjoying for the past 12+ years) because of too much fresh snow! Sorry, first world and alpine snowboarder problems. Just 4 turns in and there was a comfortable and confident feel to the Contra. I was making the same giant turns that I made on the  Monster with a nice even flex for such soft snow. On the second run I focused on staying centered and putting the board farther on edge and even before I got to the steeper section of the run my trailing knee struck something, I looked back and saw a 4” ice ball in the middle of the run. Good thing I wear protection on the trailing knee. When I got to the steeper section I set the Contra on edge and I came around heel side as easy as can be, I found myself setting my hand down and noticing my hip was almost dragging. This day was only my third day on the mountain this season because of the late snowfall here in Utah, getting this low usually takes me most of the season. Went down the remainder of the run with a lively feeling edge to edge.  I love to snap turns off the tail of a board but the Contra kept politely nudging? “telling” me to stay centered so that’s what I focused on for the next 4 runs. 6 runs in and I forgot that I told my wife that I would take it easy for the first day. 


During the following 3 days I was grinning so hard my face hurt, the Contra was nimble and lively under my feet. I was railing turns on the steeper sections easier than I ever have. On the lift I looked back at my tracks that were going back uphill on a blue run, I never felt like I lost any momentum on those turns, grinning even harder.


Fifth day on the Contra and the snow is more solid, finally seeing what it does on firmer snow. To make it short and sweet the Contra is just coming to life! I have so much confidence while setting an edge that all I think about is the craftsmanship that goes into such a thin board holding all my weight and ego, I am in awe of the master Bruce.


P.S.  I still sit back on that tail when I’m tired, sorry Buell. So playful, so surfy, hang loose my friends.



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178cm 20 waist and I haven't asked Bruce on the sidecut. Monster was 12-14-15 in a 182cm 20 waist. I asked for it to turn slightly tighter and holy sh*t this thing can go sideways if I commit and put it on edge. I was so excited to put up a review I forgot to ask him if he went with 11 or 11.5

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