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Are Boards With UPM Dated/Obsolete??

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What's the status on UPM inserts on new boards?   Can you still get that option or has Vist/Allflex taken the market?                               Did I read something about UPM losing their patent??

I assume  Vist/Allfex insert patterns are different than UPM??  

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is different than Allflex



is different than UPM.


Some boards have a combo.


Allflex is the current king of the racing scene, so it's what many of the top level boards are coming with. Apex is out of buisness and Bomber is no longer producing plates. There are still a few smaller Asian and European makers of UPM style plates, but with Apex gone and Allflex/ Iron rock racing darlings, the money isn't really there for stock board makers. That said, smaller companies are still prodcuing UPM boards (some only on request).


*Not sure why this is in the "For Sale" section?

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Any custom builder will make you a board with UPM inserts, you just have to open your wallet.  Kessler no longer stocks boards with UPM inserts.  I imagine nobody else does either.  For a freecarver in a region that gets icy conditions, in my experience the UPM Donek AF plate provides the most edge hold for the money and weight, just with a height penalty.  Allflex spring plate has the edge hold, but at a considerable cost premium and weight penalty.  Apex has a bit less edge hold but significantly less height and weight (and availability).

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