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SOLD 137 Oxygen Fr, 141 Mistral Pace SOLD


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Mistral has 19 cm waist, very snappy feeling in hand. Clean base and edges, top sheet/sidewalls have seen some gnashing, nothing serious. Stance options 38-46cm. SOLD

Oxygen is in similar good functional condition. 19 cm waist. Stance options at 15" and 16.5" (only one set of inserts up front). Camber about 9-10mm. SOLD

I acquired both of these used from the BOL classifieds years ago, hoping to use one to get my daughter on an alpine setup. Never did use either. I had assumed the Oxygen might be suitable for a rider around 100 lb, based partly on having the 167 cm version Fr67 which was pretty flexy for my ~190 lbs when I rode it. Camber about 18mm.IMG_20210221_172254.jpg.3e1498dfd01537f8ff0fa31be1c1f02c.jpg

The Mistral is probably for a heavier rider, but don't have much to go on. 

It would be nice if these found riders! 

Say $25 plus shipping? SOLD


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