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AF series boot repair question.


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It appears that when the ankle rivet went the upper long pin holding the 5 position lockout also broke. (not sure which part snapped first)

I do not have a spare readily available, at least a few weeks to get any shipped, was wondering about easy substitutes. ie a clevis pin of the right diameter

Has this been tried, would it work? Other ideas?



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I've had this happen a couple of times and

you can slip a small bolt through where the pin was and secure it with two nuts on the end. Make sure the bolt you use is small enoughht not to cause the buckle to not close fully which can cause it to open unser stress. If you go to a good hardware store they should have those racks with individual hardware parts and you can find everything you need and be able to see if it fits first. They will also have the stainless T-bolts to replace you buckle rivet as well.


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