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OT: Utah Avy Control Overshoots the Mountain!

Guest Randy S.

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Guest Randy S.

Since no one got hurt, this is hilarious. I doubt we'd be laughing if they'd killed a kid. Some moron (or maybe mormon?) is going to get in big trouble over this one.


Synopsis: Avy control put too much powder in a round and it went clear over the mountain and landed miles away in someone's back yard. Ripped the crap out of their house, shed.

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Unfortunately, it was the Department of Transportation who was doing this Avy Control for the canyon, not a resort... So no free pass...

I don't beleive the dude who did it is employed with the DOT any more...

I've heard urban legends about this happening for years, but this is the first time I've ever heard a confirmed instance of it actually happening.

And yes, the DOT is paying for the damages to the home.

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u mean that actual SHELLS are used against avalanches?????

Meaning artillery....that is kinda a lot of power for an avalanche no?

As my instructor said ( i was an engineer in the army): " yes its a hassle to calculate the exact amount of C-4 you need to blow up a bridge, but we're not the US army..." We asked how things were calculated there and he answered: " They do it simple: small bridge, small truck of C-4, big Bridge: big truck of C-4!"

Here in europe, we mostly use dynamite for avy ( from helicopters of top of the mountain), as well as Gazex system, which is a tube located full time on the mountain, Its filled with oxygen +propane once u need it, and ignitated makes a blow that launches the avy.

more info ( in french: http://www.anena.org/avalanche/declenchement/dossier_na107/gazex_na107.html)


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