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Though my experiment with hardbooting is over (for now, who knows what tomorrow might bring) I still need a stiff setup. My Burtons are "OK" but not really up to the task. Every time I lean into the tongue they pretty much let me fall forward and don't support toe side turns.

I managed to find some NOS Nidecker/Flow Talons and stuffed a pair of Intuition wrap liners in them. The result is really really stiff, like hardboot stiff but with a much shorter BSL. I hope this will allow me to ride at the angles I find comfortable while giving enough support.




Just out of curiosity, for softbooters, what setup have you been using? 

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Salomon malamutes also with the stiffest oranges inserts. 

Great idea for the liners. Not stiff enough for me in the Salomon stock.


After more than 165 days the inner laces broke.

Looking for another pair next year. 

The comfort is amazing in the Salomon. That's what sold me and very stiff.

The sole is huge thought 

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Those were my main complaints with the Malamutes (big, not stiff enough, sometimes quality is not great) but yes, they are superbly comfortable.

The wrap liners make the boots significantly stiffer. The difference is VERY noticeable. The problem with them is that they are really thick right above the bridge of your foot. This is a problem for me with high arches. The Talons have a lot of room in that area so overall the setup is vey comfortable.

I also like the lack of strings, straps and velcro on the liners. 


All this being said, I would much rather have a "pull" system like the drivers. Though Boa is cool it's never as convenient and I always feel like I'm going to break the wires.

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What Intuition liners are you using?      

My soft boot set up are K2 Thraxis & a pair of Intution SBC wraps.   I also have a pair of Ride Insanos with Intution Power Wraps.      The Power wraps are stiffer than the SBC wraps, but I am liking the SBC/Thraxis set up. 

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18 minutes ago, Topboost said:

What Intuition liners are you using?

Plug liners. They're a bit thinner and take up less volume. They're similar to power wraps in terms of stiffness.

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Ride Deadbolts have been pretty nice so far- double Boa, plus a power strap and Intuition liners.  

29 minutes ago, softbootsurfer said:

the Stiffest Soft Boot?

is a 3 strap binding... no body makes those though 😳

This is the real issue in my opinion.  That is why I am so interested in the Ride A-10's- a simple highback that a strap can be easily added along with a highback hook in place of the forward lean block.

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I can't remember, but I *think* it was a Japanese company making essentially hard boot tounges that slipped between the liner and soft boot shell to stiffen forward flex. I imagine that could be replicated without too much trouble.


Looks like Dynafit and Atomic tongues can be had for not much money, and look pretty easy to modify.


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You can get Deeluxe tongues for cheap here. I trimmed the width and slipped it between my laces and softboot tongue. 

I recall that it felt weird, as the front just pushed down on your toes rather than passing the energy around the sides of a hardboot to the sole. 

Disclaimer: this was 10+ years ago with pretty low-quality softboots. Maybe it's better with decent modern boots? 

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4 hours ago, slapos said:

that looks pretty insane. How stiff is that tongue? does it bit in the foot when you're leaning in?



A little, I have noticed my toes are getting colder this year. 
So that’s probably from the plastic.  Overall, don’t love them though. 
I can deal with the flex, what I can’t riddle is the heel lift. If you over tighten them, then you freeze. I’ve tried the heel grabbers, but they have a pull cord system as well, so now your managing two sets of pull cords, and something always caused a hot spot. 

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2 hours ago, MR. JOHN DEERE ! said:

A little, I have noticed my toes are getting colder this year. 
So that’s probably from the plastic.  Overall, don’t love them though. 
I can deal with the flex, what I can’t riddle is the heel lift. If you over tighten them, then you freeze. I’ve tried the heel grabbers, but they have a pull cord system as well, so now your managing two sets of pull cords, and something always caused a hot spot. 

Heel lift is why I've always choosen a boot with boa heel lock for my franken not so soft boots.

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1 hour ago, Neil Gendzwill said:

What is the point of trying to re-engineer hard boots? Why not just ride hard boots if you want hard boot performance?

Can't speak for the others but for me the short BSL allows lower angles, so does the lateral flex. However, I still want hardboot like support.

So in reality it's not re-engineering hardboots it's using softboots with their inherent advantages and removing a limitation.

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      Today I had a binding failure (Nidecker Freecarves) on my last run. My GPS watch had me above 40 mph when my back foot came loose. I slid a few hundred feet on my back but I was 100% fine, luckily. I saw that my toe piece wad sliding around and figured a screw had come loose. 
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      These boots are perhaps the stiffest softboots on the market. They also use plastic inserts to increase stiffness, all of which are accounted for and included. The liners are advertised as heat moldable, I had REI mold them once when I purchased.
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      They really friggin’ hurt.
      really though other than that.
      i have a new set of drivers, I like them, sort of. They are better than the old malamutes.
      So, for a long time most high end boots came in one of two configurations either a hinge type that works better but they are much softer or like the driver where to flex forward it forces the boot to deform this crushes the foot, that shit hurts and it’s because the driver has no hinge. 
      It looks like it’s still this way with most brands.. 
      I’ve had a couple sets of 32s and Burtons that hinge, this is a better design, why the hell cant they just build one with a stiffer tongue? 
      Anyone have an answer to that? 
      Pictured is a hinged design.. I actually forgot I had these boots. 

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      Pics to follow. Very clean pair of bindings. I’m a 9 and they fit great. No signs of wear or damage. I’ve used them 2x since I got them used from a fellow BOL member. All black. I’m assuming they are mediums as there is no visible marking stating size and I’m not swimming in them.
      would trade for some Power Plate uppers with the 6 large mounting hardware bolts...

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