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Quiet PA resorts on president week

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Honestly, my couch is the best resort to be at on Presidents day. 😐 

But I get it, ride when you can. 👍  Blue and Camelback you'd have to pre-purchase soon if they arent sold out by now.  You could stay in Dirty Jerz as well.  MC conditions are spectacular and will be equally polluted with people...

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Agreed, this weekend and Monday will be crowded wherever you go.   I'm partial to Blue (home), but Elk would be my #2 choice.   I have a feeling Blue will sell out on Monday, so don't wait too long. 

Conditions all over the region are fantastic!!!! Blue opened up "Comin Soon" last week after the big dump, which is a trail they cut a few years ago and have yet to install snowmaking.  The big joke was it would open if we got enough natural snow.  Well the jokes on me because its been open over a week.  It's a natural mogul run now, but if we get more snow there is a chance they will groom it.   I hope so, because it would be a great craving run, super wide and progressively gets steeper.  

I hit Blue every weekend and the occasional weekday.  If anyone wants to link some turns with another carver let me know. 

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We already got the tickets to go Berkshire East on Monday.  I thought I remember there was a picture from a few years back showing decent emptiness and reasonable line there on president day. 

As for Friday, we were deciding between Montage and Elk, but leaning heavily towards Elk base off of the pictures of the mountain layout online.  We have been to neither, what is your opinion between the 2 and how does it compare to blue?

I have been to Blue more than a few times, it could get crowded, and it does get dangerous.

As for MC, I got tired of getting up early, hassling there, start waiting 30 minutes before open.  Another 30 minutes wait by second run and forget about it on the third run.... weekday is another story....

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I have yet to hit Montage, so I can't give you feedback about them.  I have been told the layout is a little weird because the top 2/3rd of the hill is flat and then the the steeper part is the very last section before the lifts.  Someday I hope to check it out.  I drive by it all the time and always looks fairly empty.  

The 2 trails I like at Elk are Susquehanna and Tunkhannock.   Many of their trails are a little narrow, but the 2 I mentioned have plenty of width and follow the fall line.  Not anything in the way of steps though.  


Blue get crazy crowded.  In January and February Tuesday - Thursday are the days to ride, anything outside of that is a zoo.  Come March the crowds drop dramatically (racing and ski club passes end) and its much more manageable.  Nothing like lapping Razor's on a sunny March day!



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