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Coiler construction education needed


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I picked up 2 used boards last year (thank you again to 1xsculler) and it has taken until now to ride the second one. I am not sure what happened after last January but all I know is that I am 10 lbs heavier and there are teenagers living at my house.

Help me understand what I bought please.

Board 1, The Firefly

T 164 LVD 020 RH 6.3+9

This one was my favorite board ever until I rode

Board 2, The Snake in my Boot

T 172 AMTC 020 RH 6.4+4

What in the flip do these hieroglyphics mean? I was a little nervous getting the 172 since my previous board for almost 20 years was a 161 Nidecker SL board. But, after 1 run, the size was easy to control and I feel great at speed on toe side, heel side I do what I can to survive. My expectations are low at age 57 with maybe 7 days a year on the snow.

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10 lbs will not make a big difference.  

The biggest difference is the LVD = Livvid model is a very energetic lively board and the AMT = All Mountain Titanal is a very friendly easy to ride board.  

Stay on the AMT until you get super comfortable on it.  The Livvid is a very demanding board that will wear you out quickly, and will probably not be much fun after the groomers get cut up.  The AMT will be a great ride all day board.

Dont be intimidated by the length, it actually gives you more stability forward and aft.


You have some great boards!  Have fun with them!

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18 hours ago, arneburner said:

the 6.3 and 6.4 is the flex.

Note that these flex numbers are not comparable across different lengths. They are deflection under weight measurements of the specific build; longer boards can measure higher deflection than shorter even when they are stiffer.

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