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There hasn't been many reviews or other info on the WogoCoco so I thought I'd share my brief experience with it at MCC. These are only my experiences and thoughts, so your mileage may vary.

My build is a 174 19.5 cm waist and I asked Bruce for 11.5 SCR. He said he offered 11 or 12.2, but would see what he could do. Therefore I don't really know what I received.

Before riding it I was reading comments for the Contra cores and folks saying you need to ride centered and perhaps move your bindings a bit from centered on the inserts. Also I read comments that they don't turn as tightly as other boards of similar SCR. With these in my mind, I was a bit hesitant and cautious.

MCC provided us with a lot of varying conditions. Monday morning was perfect hero snow that got warmer and softer with each run.

I took the first run on my T4 Nirvana Energy, 19.5cm waist and 10.5/12.7/12 SCR. I got the T4 last year, and also have ridden the same specs T3 Nirvana since 2015. The T4 definitely grips more than the T3 version. I wanted to get a feel for things with the Nirvana and do a back to back comparison of same trails, similar conditions.

Nirvana gripped perfectly, felt great first run. Switched to the Wogo immediately for a 2nd run. I mounted the bindings as I do with all my boards, centered on the inserts for my stance width. Felt like the turn shape was different, not a sharp hook on entering turns like the Nirvana. Turns felt a little bigger, not much. Rode the entire run, felt good, but switched back to the Nirvana since this was day 1 of MCC - didn't want to do it on a new unfamiliar board.

Tuesday and Wednesday of MCC were varying conditions of rain/wet snow/wet powder on Tuesday and varying groom to soft surface over loose frozen granular under Wednesday.

Thursday's conditions became perfect for comparison. It was fast and firm, but you could still get an edge in. Crunchy frozen over groomed sorta granular. But it held if you got an edge in, not pushing away.

Again, first run with the familiar T4 Nirvana. Felt good again, a few turns for warm up to trust the edges for the day and off we went.

Switched to Wogo for 2nd run, went down the same run, and WOW, it gripped like mad on the crunch! I also noted on my Nirvana at the top of this run I needed to pull over after about 4 turns due to picking up a bit of speed. Not with the Wogo. On this day it was finishing turns easily in what seemed to be smaller turns to scrub the speed.

Went back to do the same run, similar results. But this time, instead of going out to the bottom of the main at Turner, I went to a trail dredman introduced us to for photo ops on Monday - Far Pig Chute. It's semi steep at the start and widish, but funnels and narrows between trees at the bottom. With the fast and firm crunchy conditions, I wasn't sure... Set off and carved the start no issue, entered between the trees and was carving small little turns and my speed seemed to be super slow, finishing each turn to scrub speed. No grip issues, and it made things seem a lot less narrow and steep than they were.

After a few more runs I got to thinking - my Nirvana was the first run of the day. I wonder if I wasn't warmed up and trusting my edges. So I swapped back to the Nirvana and went down the same run I had just gone down (a different than the Nirvana had taken before that day). When it got to a crunchy section, I don't know if it or my mind lost confidence but I wasn't carving as well with the feeling in my feet. I was picking up speed and not finishing turns easily.

Went down to finish at Far Pig Chute - carved ok in the wide with some speed checks, but couldn't do the narrow section between the trees. I even stopped and restarted to have no speed but couldn't do it.

Thinking maybe my legs were tired at this point, I switched back to the Wogo again and did the same exact trails. Top was fine, speed was in check, smaller turns. Far Pig Chute - carved wide through the narrow section with ease. It wasn't my legs.

At this point my opinion on super firm, crispy, crunchy snow is the Wogo is far better than a T4 Nirvana Energy. On hero snow or softer snow, I don't think you'd notice too much of a difference - but I don't have enough time on the Wogo on this snow to know.

Things of note - I didn't have to change my binding positions from being centered on the inserts nor my riding style. I do ride with weight forward on both toe and heel sides, and do the same Nirvana or Wogo. I do tend to get the board high on edge immediately on hard turns, and the Wogo seems to love that to carve small turns, more so than the Nirvana.

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