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Where are our folding boards???


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Impressive tech but Wow!  Now that is the new definition of Superfluous!

What does anyone gain with a folding ski??  :smashfrea 

Makes me sad the ridiculous amount of $$$$ that must have gone into the  R & D to get them to production!  Probably could have fed a third world country!

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What do you gain? No need for a ski rack on your car, no wrangling long bags through the airport, no worries about oversize charges (not an issue on any airline I’ve traveled but maybe some), easy storage at home for those short on space. 

Plus the tech is really cool, which is going to appeal to many of the types who hang out here. 

The price is 1349 euro for skis, bindings, telescoping poles and custom bag. Pricey but not as bad as I thought it might be. 

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5 hours ago, barryj said:

Probably could have fed a third world country!

Pot calling kettle, come in kettle 😆

Current Boards in your Quiver

Coiler EC SS 177, Kessler 168 + Boiler Plate, Swoard Dual II 168, Moss Snowstick Performance Quad, Thirst SF 

Current Boots Used

Deeluxe Track 425 Pro, Deeluxe Track 700, Deeluxe Track 325

Current bindings and set-up

TD3 SW SI 55/50 3/6 Cant Disks

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Just raggin' on ya Barry, plenty of excess here.... :) How's the SF?
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I blame this life necessity on the pandemic. I didn't know I needed these. It was only after I sat staring at the walls 6 weeks into a lockdown that I realized this was the product the world needed. Once the foreclosure is finalized I can be safe in the realization that my folding skis are safe in the trunk of my car and won't be stolen from the roof rack as i sleep in the Walmart parking lot at nite.

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