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TD3 and UPZ Sizing


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A quirk of the forward-set UPZ heel is that the heel block ends up being closer to binding center than the toe, so if it just fits in the binding range, your foot will be offset rearward heavily. 

This is a problem at the large and small ends of adjustments. 

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I had that size UPZ six or so years back and had no trouble with my TD3s. But the drillings on TD3 baseplates vary (even on the pairs I own). As do front bails. I like the older, higher-profile longer ones. Some of the newer ones squeeze the UPZ toe.

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So right now I'm using the 291/312 shells. My TD3 toe and heel blocks are on the innermost holes. So plenty of room for outward adjustment. 

As I said above, I used to use the next shell size up (303/324) and had no problem.

Before that I had M30 raichle af700 with no problem.

With the shorter bails I suspect there might have been an issue. They did not exist then. But those are already a no-go for UPZ because they pinch the boot toe, taking away from the intended clamping force of the cam action. 

So you wouldn't want to use the short bails anyway, and if you don't, no need for long plates. 

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