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Thirst PCjv 169 swallowtail powder carver

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Posted December 26, 2020

Thirst PCjv, the 169 swallowtail powder carver

169cm, 22.5w, N28, T26, EE151, not sure of the sidecut, but it's turny like a slalom board.

I'm really liking this board! It rides and feels like a carving board, even in powder. So far, I've been riding with my normal hardboots & SW bindings. I like that you don't have to shift your bindings back or lean back for deeper snow. I was able to ride centered & balanced through varying snow depths from a couple of inches to more than a foot. The nose always stayed near the surface in the deeper stuff. I was even getting some of those soft pillowy powder turns where you gently sink in and rise back up. I rode through some tracked out and drifted snow that I expected to be a rough ride, but it just carved through smoothly. Maybe that's the swallowtail effect or that this board doesn't have a soft floppy nose like a lot of softboot powder boards. 

I made a video on my last run the other day. Fresh, wind blown and drifted polar powder (-5°F). The hill was closed due to dangerous wind chill, so it was a hike & ride day. 

I have taken full advantage of Mark's multiboard discount, 6 and counting. Each one a unique ride. Apparently each model has a unique core construction. Boards come with a professional tune (.7° base bevel, 2° side bevel) and ready to ride with a Fastik® treatment roto-brushed into the base. (And, btw, I have no financial connection or compensation arrangement with Thirst. I just love the boards.)

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On 1/31/2021 at 11:08 PM, Lurch said:

Nice @bigwavedave

Love to see a back-to-back test with big bro' (The Midnight Express?) when time and conditions permit. 

Haven't ridden them both in the consistent deepish powder of 6-8" or more where they should distinguish themselves from an all-out carving board.

Rode them back to back on some soft groom at Spirit the other day. They both carve up soft groomers very similar to my other Thirst carving boards. As you might expect the 169 PCjv makes turns somewhere between a 162 SF and the 171 XC. Whereas the 181 PC had some of that big turn-across-the-hill Cadillac ride of the 185 8rw, although it was happy going edge to edge, feeling more like the 175 Super. It feels to me as if they have a softer ride in chopped up, rutted up conditions. Not sure if it's the softer board flex, a swallowtail effect, or my imagination.

Will keep my eye out for the opportunity of a powder day comparison. Came close the other day at Indianhead.

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Words do this no justice. It is art. It is craftsmanship. I will need several sessions of therapy to bring myself to screw some TD3s on to it. I always wanted a woodie and a swally. Mission accomplished. Thanks Mark.




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Soon my pretty, soon....
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24 minutes ago, lonbordin said:

It is without specs... 

My apologies @lonbordin I was still mopping up my drool.

30 up front, 24 in the middle and a full edge wrapped hole in the back. Guessing around 10.5m. WARP (LFF), flex .355.

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I will try harder next time. I will try harder next time. I will..
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Really beautiful @Lurch, and they ride as good as they look, so it will look just as good with bindings. I'm using F2 race titaniums on mine now for a little more direct board/snow feel. Rode it today in 3-4" of powder on groom. Yeah, I could've easily ridden a regular carving stick, but the PCjv carves as just as well, has a softer finish to the turn and puts a bigger smile on my face. :biggthump

He should be working on my wood top sheet TankerSpanker right now–and not reading this. :eplus2:

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Thanks @bigwavedave, it is indeed.

As they say, "A boat is safe in the harbour, but that it not what it was built for", so in the words of Big Mario, I best get some of those gorilla cajones & mount it up.

Appreciate you enduring my questions & providing honest, real world feedback - like having a personal test pilot.🤙

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