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UPZ Ski Adapter Install Instructions? Real world experience?


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Anyone have UPZ ski din toe/heel adapter install instructions?  I’m tempted to buy a set and try them out for my RC12s, but the pics I see on the UPZ site have more holes (different pattern) than my snowboard toe/heel pieces have.  So I want to see what the instructions say.  My RC12s are either 2018 or 2019.  Anyone?  Also any real world experience?  My kids ski, slowly (and on mellow terrain), so snowboarding with them isn't all that fun (or easy quite frankly).  I’d love to be able to jump from board to ski and back through out the day.  And they way the UPZ adapter reads I can do that.



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The short answer is yes, they will work.
The long answer is your boots might not fit your bindings anymore. The heel piece is extended back almost an inch. The material mine are made of is quite soft and was getting chewed up pretty bad. Not shown is the necessary 1/2 moon spacer. 

the 8 screw holes you see hold the heel cover on. There are the standard 4 holes under that. 

all that being said, I’d just buy a second hand set of ski boots and use them. 




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Ah, mine is more or less a permanent ski DIN on my ancient UPZ boots. I very rarely switch back to intec/hardbooting DIN these days. I thinkt he last time I did that was 2006. 

Considering, purchasing a pair of UPZ boots and have one dedicated to skiing and another one for hardbooting... but then again... its more likely because I'm very comfortable with those boots than the ski boots I have used over the years. 

I dont know if you can find an old thread of UPZ installation, etc. on this forum, but it should be there. 

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On 1/30/2021 at 11:48 PM, Ohob said:

all that being said, I’d just buy a second hand set of ski boots and use them. 

+1. When my daughter was small, I switched between skiboards and the snowboard, using orange Deeluxe Indys, some of the stiffest boots ever. They felt pretty noodly even with the very short skiboards. I really wouldn't bother with the DIN adapters, which will detract from the usability of your UPZs on a snowboard and not do much for their usability on skis.

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