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Gonna demo an Orca 153 or 156?


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My son-in-law’s favorite board for most everything but especially pow. It seems to be a favorite of a lot of people.

 I‘ve watched YouTube vids of guys carving up a storm on boards like the Orca so I’m going to demo one for an hour or two using my F2 stepins and my UPZs to see if it might be better than my 171 Thirst XC for the steeps and/or pow the next time they invite me to Jackson.

 I don’t own softies or softie bindings (I don’t intend to buy them) and I did do a half day of heli-boarding fifteen years ago using my Salomon SX91 ski boots, Burton Raceplates and a Trucker (either K2 or Burton, I think) so I think I might be able to make my UPZs/F2s work. 

I have no intention of going to the soft side but I would like the versatility to do steep and/or deep with my son-in-law and grandkids. 
As usual, I am open to constructive criticism. 

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Lib Tech's  T. Rice Orca is not my cup of tea but is one of the better mass produced boards for pow for $600+

Using your F2 setup would work fine.   I run TD3 SW SI's on my Moss pow stick ..... You might have a totally different experience with the Orca than I had with my Moss boards but I found for pow I just don't need or want as much heel lift as I'd usually run on my hard charging carving sticks.....so I dropped the rear lift from a 6 down to a 3 and that helped keep my weight towards the back which keeps the nose up in the pow....which will reduce the chance of you going Ass Over Teakettle in the pow!

Have fun!

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