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CONDUCTOR!  Holy smokes, had another amazing night last night with JBurk and Mrs. Burk.  Awesome night of riding with 3-4 inches of cut up thick fresh over bulletproof. Picked up Shred Grummer's Thirst Superconductor a few weeks back and wore another huge smile across my face as I ripped through the butter last night with full confidence when I cut through to the polished, older surface that the Super would hold grip and cut right through it. I have read many times how you just lay the Super over and let it pull radius without needing to get to deep into it and drive the tip to load turn initiation. Remarkable how much less work the Super is relative to my SG race boards. Very forgiving but some great snap and rebound through transitions! Whether popping off bumps on cut up slopes for airplane turns or just laying it over and cutting right through it, the Super delivered! Really wanted to try one ever since I re-caught the hard boot disease after a few decade hiatus and seeing how much my ridin buddy JBurk has enjoyed his. Pulled the trigger on Shred's that was posted up on the classifieds. If you ever have interest in one of his boards, do it. He was top notch to deal with and the board was in impeccable condition. Packaging was excellent as well. So... amazing night last night with three goofy footed Thirst riders and some more badly needed soul therapy (especially after my 15 year old Skier Cross racer snapped his tibia) and a few week hiatus dealing with a kid whose ability to get to the can and fridge have regressed to that of a new born 😭.

A few pics from last night. I'm the big guy in the middle and full disclosure... Took a deep breath before I slid my mask down so I could show off a Thirst induced grin of raw pleasure!




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1 hour ago, lonbordin said:

Get your kid one of these and he'll be able to take care of himself

Not likely, I saw the pictures; images of external fixators always make me queasy, but when Sean @Treebeard was telling me he had a doc-mandated schedule of when and how much he had to take a wrench to the adjustment bolts, I had to tell him to stop or I was going to spit beer 😕

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Thanks for advice Lon! Look at this apparatus. Kid was ranked 2nd in country in age class skierX, secured some help from Rossi on race gear then pulled this stunt. At least he won't be missing nationals (cancelled)



Awesome night riding with you and Mrs. JB! Need to do it again SOON. Gonna be on Stadium tomorrow night as I got roped into coaching 😭. Was hoping for another awesome night on the Super. Come by and say hi if yer on the hill!

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