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Alpine boots and boot fitters- East Coast?


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42 minutes ago, BlueB said:

That's a better question... 

What is the question?    If you have boots and need an Alpine bootfitter  and your up this way for some NH or Vt resort riding try Sport Thoma Race Shop in North Lincoln NH 603-745-8151

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Garrick Dardani at Steiner Sports in Valatie, NY (just off the thruway near Albany) is skilled, meticulous and daring. He took my size 27 Deeluxe 425s and blew them out to fit my 11.5 EEEE feet. I think the right boot is around 110mm at this point, which further than a lot of guys would dare go. He also does my ski boots. In both cases I'm happier than I've ever been in my sixty years on snow. I buckle the boots loosely, take a run and then latch in all the way, and only unbuckle at the end of the day. Never done that before in my life. Of course I'd go to Beckmann if he weren't eight hours away.

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11 hours ago, Corey said:

Can he also walk on water?

😉 That's impressive!

Right? I like a very tight fit fore and aft - less than one finger, but width is always a thing. He told me he got that boot to 110 (he had to grind to get the last little bit) and I told him the State Police were on the way. The Deeluxe just suit me better in other ways than UPZ and these are likely my last pair - Intuition Dreamliners, footbeds and Fintecs and I feel like a millionaire. Used to be if you had toenails in February your boots were too big - not anymore.

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