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Thirst SF162 vs. Donek MK?


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I have both and they couldn’t be more different. The MK is a lot work to ride. It’s tons-o-fun, don’t get me wrong, but I just don’t want to work that hard. An hour. That’s about my limit on the MK and I’m toast. It just demands your full attention 100 percent of the time. It so fast edge to edge, which is what makes it fun, but I’m getting old(er). It’s going to the kid’s rack. I need a nap just thinking about riding it. 

The SF I can ride all day in just about all conditions. Much more versatile. Quite the opposite of the MK, however you CAN do MK turns on the SF with a lot less effort AND you can really draw them out if you want. Turn shape correlates to how far you tip it over. 


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