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Malfunction Junction


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Out riding Friday, I was testing out a new binding set up (6 degree straight toe lift up front with 0 in the back on TD3s).  It made a night and day difference for the quad burn on cat tracks being in an upright stance.  Feeling pretty good about the set up I was headed over to the Solitude area of Okemo from Jackson Gore, which has a lovely bridge with two way traffic and 4 trails converging there.  Needless to stay I got tangled up with a skier while slowly working through traffic.  Does anyone have any tips for low speed maneuverability other than detaining at the contact points?  I ended up finishing the day in soft boots since it was just to crowded for my beginner self in hard boots. 

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Give people lots of room. I often find I glide faster than most, presumably cause I look after my base and wax frequently, so I always shout loudly which side I'm passing on. Rather than riding flat I try to as much as possible be slightly but definitely on an edge, and obviously periodically change edges to stay on the track. Watch other people ahead of you and try to work out who looks like they're riding predictably, and who is a beginner who might do something without warning. 

Space between you and others beats pretty much any other strategy.

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solid advice. I always watch how a person is riding and let them know "passing on R/L" way before to give them enough time to adjust. If you wait too long it freaks them out. Almost like saying "boo" in there ear at the last second.

On 1/19/2021 at 5:39 PM, snowburn said:



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If you can managed it well in softboot but less so in hardboot. 
What do you think is preventing from you from doing the same?  Like the board need more speed in order to make it turn? 
riding an alpine board just like a regular snowboard is a good skill set to have (instead trying to carve all the time; get comfortable slarve it around).

some other thing i can think of:

Yell "on your left"  "on your right", or clap, whistle, sing just to make other aware of your position/intention.

similar to tree riding:  look at the space between people

Getting the board tune to have nice structure base should help it track on the flat.
i tend to just let the board run on cat track/flat and not on any edges but make sure the knees are bend and torso upright.
This way i have option to engage edges if need be.  Minimize the time "at risk".

It's also a mental thing; i still hate going through tunnel.... 

Time On Mountain are usually the answer.

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Malfunction junction. There was a great one at Crystal Mountain Wa right under the top of REX. And anyone that’s ever ridden at Loveland knows the crosshairs under Chair six. I think you have like 12 trails all merging into one space where absolutely no one looks around. 

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On 19/01/2021 at 6:39 PM, snowburn said:

I always watch how a person is riding and let them now "passing on R/L" way before to give them enough time to adjust.

This! And it seems that 50% of people move to whatever side you said, so doing it early gives you time to dodge the other way. 

I only pass on cat tracks or slow sections. 

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