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Aggression Race Carve


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You're better off avoiding another one. Mine did the same thing after 15 days on it. The history of who makes , I can discuss later or at least the story I got with teh history of that particular board.

If you want silver, I pciked up a Donek Axis 182 witha cool silver topsheet that I think there are a few others out there b/c I saw another at Okemo a couple weeks ago.

Been looking for a Silver Surfer sticker for it , but nothing exists on ebay that I have found so far.

I loved how it rode, but it may only have afew more days in it.


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Thanks for the input. I'm actually ridin a 185 Donek FC. It's my favorite. Can only take it out when I ride on a weekday. Weekends at Hunter Mtn get too pack. The aggression was the board that actually held me in a carve for the first time and hooked me. Before that I was ridin short board and bumpin and jumpin. So I guess theres that sentamental attachment.

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Here's a picture of a mural I painted on my sons bedroom wall. You'll notice in the upper left hand corner of the first picture is our man "Norrin Rad" My boy loves superheros (JL) and the Silver Surfer has always been one of his fav's

Have fun,


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Greg, you are a big guy, know that the board will likely come apart or simply delam. I know what you mean though. Lots of sidecut and real stable easy turner. I still have one somewhere. Figured it will be a wall hanger for the collection. If I recall the camber was GONE after a few short but sweet rides. Mine was marketed under Volant. I think they are the same? Find something with similar specs but built a bit stouter. Or get one cheap and ride it till it croaks again?? Good to hear you are ridding and having a blast!! Bryan

Ooops. Never mnd, this should have been aimed at the original poster not Greg.

Getting new glasses soon.

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How do you plan to pick it up??

Says in the auction he will not ship??

You are in CT he is in the midwest?

If you don't want it , you need to remove the bid perhaps?

You can do so up till 24 hours before auction end , inability to contact the seller is a legit reason for removing the bid.

Good luck.

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That's why I was trying to contact him - his ad says no shipping, then lower down it says $20 shipping...I'm pulling the bid if he doesn't respond by the end of the day today.

I was really bidding on this as a wall hanger anyway - probably would ride it a couple of times...I had one a long time ago and it was fun, but I know they have major problems with delam. I just thought a metal board would look so sweet on the wall....

thanks for all the feedback guys.

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