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Madd 158 for sale


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Madd 158. Good condition, not perfect. Lots of edge left, hasn't been sharpened excessively. Has had a base repair along one edge with P-tex, is holding very well even on very cold/firm snow. Tiny ding in nose P-tex as seen in pics. 

Pics here: http://imgur.com/a/xj87RES

Price drop: $250 US (Was $300 US) plus shipping from Winnipeg, MB, Canada, R2C 3T4. 

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Small pics for those that don't want to click a link:


The black rectangles between bindings is the loop side of velcro to affix stomp pads. 

These pics are intentionally at the worst possible angle to show scuffs and scratches. A base grind would make this near perfect.  

Doorknob not included. 

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Correct pre production and I recall the preproduction demos rode a lot better than 2nd gen production. That army style topsheet was only used in preproduction boards. The flex was a tad stiffer.
If you’re looking for a Madd, this board will be e better than production Madds from 2nd and 3rd gen runs. 

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On 2/24/2021 at 8:11 AM, powdahbonz said:

Any notches in the tail? Usually 2 notches for 2nd gen. 

Notches were introduced in 2006 to indicate stiffness.  3 notches were stiffest, 1 was softest.

Corey's board is a 2004 demo.  They made a big splash at the ECES that year.  I agree they seemed better than the production boards that arrived for the 2005 season.  The 2006 boards regained the magic.

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