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I haven't ridden there since 97. I'm glad I left my hometown for no lift line resorts and dont miss the Cascade Concrete conditions either. Reminds me of Snoqualmie or Stevens Pass. Waiting 20 minutes just to get on a chair. 8 runs was a typical day back then. I can't even imagine how bad it is today. Of course those areas didn't have highspeed or more than 2 seaters yet. That's one of the reasons why Crystal was so nice. We avoided those areas near Seattle and would prefer Mt. Baker and Crystal for powder days and Mission Ridge for cruisers. The latter was our favorite. Now my local hill is starting to get crowded especially on powder days. Wait times are around a minute or less until around 11:30 then call it a day. Were only 30 min. from the hill. Yes I know boo hoo for me. But the weekends?? Forget it. We only get midweek passes. 

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1 hour ago, 1xsculler said:

All previous years, mid week, no problem. 

I hear ya Sculley!  Same here at my Mtn.   The midweek gondola line at Loon has been backed up out the building and  past all the roped corrals  and then worming back up the hill!

The line moves pretty fast, probably 10 minutes.....but damn frustrating when there's another lift that could be running less than 100 ft. away!!!

Don't give up Sculley!   My solution is I've started showing up around 11am when the crowds seem to be thinning out for lunch or home and I can usually find a premium parking spot really close to the lift   

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