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Bomber TD3 Step In Bindings - Deeluxe Track 225T M29 Boots with Fin-Tec Step In Heel.


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Torn ACL shut me down for the season. I hope someone else can enjoy this VERY lightly used equipment. Boots and Bindings only used 3-4 days on snow. Basically, like new. Boots never heat molded. Priced to sell.


Bomber TD3 Step in Bindings – Traditional - $350+Shipping

·         3 Deg Cant Disk

·         6 Deg Cant Disk

·         Hard Urethane Ring


Deeluxe Track 225T with Fin-Tec Heels - $300+Shipping

·         Mondo 29

·         Fin-Tex Step in Heel Kit

·         Fin-Tec Heels Install Parts

·         Also includes original Deeluxe Heels.



2020-11-29 16.09.22-1.jpg

2020-11-29 16.10.17.jpg

2020-11-29 16.10.29-1.jpg

2020-11-29 16.23.59.jpg

2020-11-29 16.24.59-1.jpg

2020-11-29 16.23.49-2.jpg

2020-11-29 16.25.17-1.jpg

2020-11-29 16.19.28.jpg

2020-11-29 16.19.48.jpg

2020-11-29 16.19.51-1.jpg

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