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Hard booting at Fernie


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I've never been a fan of Fernie for carving. The best riding there is up in the bowls and that's not carving terrain. The runs off the Elk Chair are decently groomed but they're crawling with beginners and kids and the chair is painfully slow. Falling Star off Timber Chair would be my fave run, if it didn't come out into basically half a km of flat at the end ...

Others might disagree though. For me personally if I was headed to Fernie, I'd pack soft gear or at least an all mountain board.

Now, if you have a car and can drive for 90 minutes, KImberley is an AMAZING carving board hill.

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I've lived in Fernie for a few years and have yet to see a hard booter that isn't skinning into the back country.


That being said I just picked up a setup, and there aren't to many areas id consider taking it down.


There's a few off of the elk chair, Bear run off of the bear chair and a couple off the boom chair for steeper more open groomed terrain.


Kimberly has world class groomers though and would be ideal for a hardboot set up

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