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Yaktrax for Deeluxe


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Just curious if anyone uses the boot slippers and if they actually are worth getting...with the extra schlepping time from lots to lifts now, guessing life on toes/heels will diminish...thought about it as I was constantly looking for snow patches to walk through and avoid the grind, gravel, sand and mud. 

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I've use Seirus Cat tracks for some time and I wouldn't do without, especially with Fintecs which are super slippery.  They do save wear on the toe pads and heels for sure and pack down smallish.  I typically have to walk some distance on rough asphalt and they'd be goners without the 'tracks.

I hadn't heard about the yaktrax but they might be better than Cat tracks...d/k.  For UPZ with the retracted heel I had to rig a bungee strap system to avoid the 'tracks from falling off mid-walk.


Cat Tracks ↓



Yaktrax SkiTrax ↓


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Yaktrax are nice and squishy, feel like running shoes. But if you pivot even slightly they eject. I went full geek and added shoe lace and a bike spoke to keep the toes on (search my posts here of bored), but the heels still ejected randomly. 

Now I just aim for snow where possible and add Shoe Goo to the soles as needed. 

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Years ago,I had a big and very painful fall twisting my back by having my hardboots slipping cornering a street......

3 Weeks off work at the skischool !.....

Since then, I walk hardboots and softboots by slightly attacking my steps with my inside heels.

Totally counterintuitive I do admit but works very well (for me), even if you have to focus on it for quite a long time before it becomes "natural". Well I did it my way even if it may be not THE right way......😉


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