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Snow Pro Race bindings


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These are stronger then Burton plates but will not dent your expensive boots like Cateks and Bombers do. The front lever is made of softer material and the rear bail is shaped to fit the boot better. Base plates are aluminum.

Without shims the bindings have cant of about 3 deg and no lift. There are 2 lift shims and 2 cant shims included. Currently the bindings are setup with both lift shims on the rear binding and both cant shims stacked up together as one lift shim on the front binding (see pictures). You can rearrange the shims to fit them to your liking.

All base plate bolts and alen range are included. I will throw in additional bolts of assorted length (not shown in the picture) in case you decide to experiment with cant/lift :).

Price is $100 plus shipping.

<img src="http://k.1asphost.com/spretetsky/IMG_3145.JPG"

<img src="http://k.1asphost.com/spretetsky/snoproliftcant2.JPG"

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Hey Dan,

Yeah, I used them a couple of times and realized I need more forword angles on the back foot to work with my stiff ski boots.

I got some Catecs and set max lift on the rear foot (over 8 deg!) and it is much better for me, yet I feel like I need to be even more forward on it. But then again, it's only been my 4th day carving alpine board, so it may be a skill thing.

Oh, and, by the way, I am loving this whole carving thing! I've never been able to carve that low on skis. Pretty cool :D

Anyway, did you sell the boots and the board?

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Guest kool-aid guy

Thats cool that you are taking to it! The board went on ebay, and the boots still remain. I'll try early next season again i guess. later-


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