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There is hope!

Carvin' Marvin

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Was at Vail on Monday and met three young lifties that were new self-directed softie-carvers and STOKED about it.  Two of them were on brand new Donek Inclines and one was on his dad's old winterstick.  Even though their total days on snow only numbered in the teens they were doing quite well.  They were eager to learn and ate up a few tips I could give them before I had to leave. All they had on their minds was having fun and ripping turns. They weren't even bickering over the merits of race technique vs the "various bomber variants" (pinky high in the air here)  It was refreshing!  


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I was able to switch instagram info with one of them before I had to leave so we are going to meet up again soon.  I'll direct them here also.  They were super stoked on my alpine setup (also a Donek that day so that helped) but the conversation followed the usual- "well I have everything you need x 5, except boots!"  I swear if I had shells in a few different sizes I could gt so many more people on plates. As is the struggle.

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