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Modifying Deeluxe 425


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New old stock set of 425 Deeluxe shells because my AF600 were basically coming apart after far too many years of service. 425 seems to be a great design but significantly narrower throughout than the same size in AF600 or Raichle 325, so I'm going in tomorrow to see if I can get some room blown or ground into them. Anyone done much modifying of those shells? The front buckle sits right where I need more room so that may be an issue, and there's a lot of overlap right where talus/fibias is, too.

I've put Fintecs in and Intuition Dreamliners and will install my BTS as soon as I'm sure the shells are going to work. They're 27 shells for my 11.5 EEEE feet so it's a race fit, which I prefer, much like my ski boots, but they're going to need to get wider by at least 3mm (left) and maybe 5-6mm (right).


Post-fitting edit: Wow! The dude was able to blow out and grind the right boot from 98 to 110 and it feels amazing. Left boot went to around 106 and likewise. Also did some magic around the ankle bone. Carpet-surfing there is no discomfort, no heel rise, no wobble at all. Garrick at Steiner Sports in Valatie, NY, if you ever need that kind of work done. Now all we need is snow...

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