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Intuition Power Tongue Liner Killing Me!


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I have Intuition Power Tongue liners in my Deluxxe Track 425's and in this early season middle of the trail only  grooming and nothing but man made firm snow they are killing my shins and calves from the jarring non flex ride over crusty death marbles!

I acquired them last year and they took some getting used too but  I thought they were very responsive and sort of comfortable, but that was in late season  soft natural snow conditions with full edge to edge  grooming.

Anybody else experienced this??

I'm going to put the stock liners back in my 425's for tomorrows outing and see if it's any more enjoyable!  

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2 hours ago, Mr.E said:

Did you have them molded? Are you experiencing movement inside the liner during riding?

Yep - molded and No heel movement during riding. Comfortable except for the jarring stiffness.

20 minutes ago, lowrider said:

zip lock bag with some veggie oil or spray pam  inside placed on your shin

Uh!...that sounds like some real Voodoo s--- lowrider! :eek:   but the problem is not shin splint pressure...it's their Too Damned Stiff and every bump on this manmade crap snow sends jarring vibrations through my legs. Even with the top two  buckle set on the loosest setting it's a jarring ride! 

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24 minutes ago, barryj said:

No heel movement during riding. Comfortable except for the jarring stiffness.

I meant movement in the cuff (fore/ aft, or side to side) between your leg and the liner. If you need to crush your leg with the buckles to get rid of movement, then you are also crushing out any ability to absorb shock. If you have a "snug" buckle adjustment, but your shin is banging into the liner, then you probably have too much space in there.

Could just be the wrong liner for your comfort level. That's part of the reason they make a bunch of options. Best of luck!

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I had issue with my .951 boot and intuition pro tongue. There was always a pressure where tongue meets the back area of the liner (muscle right next to the shin on outside). 
i cut off some of the tongue and it relieved some pressure last year but this year I changed it to intuition SBX wrap (thanks to @Mr.E and I have no issues at all. I am all for wrap type now. 

i also have Northwave .350 and I am using intuition pro wrap with no issues. 

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