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Thirst XC 171


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I demoed a Thrist XC 171 today.
Mark Miller has built something very special, IMHO!
You all have learned to take everything I say with a grain of salt and you know that I struggle with this carving thing. Many, many of you have gone out of your way and spent considerable time trying to help me on this site and in other ways and I very sincerely appreciate that. 
All I am going to say is that IF you are struggling as I am and you want to add a board to your quiver consider a Thirst XC 171. 


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3 hours ago, snowburn said:

we want pics

.......and details Scully!  We need details!

How'd you get to demo a Thirst?  Was Mark at Crystal with a bunch of demo's?

What's the specs/waist of this XC you bought?

You demo any other Thirst models? 

How's the ride? What  binding and boots you using on this board? 


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For your pic It’s probably my XC 171 on the Thirst website or, at least, identical to it. 
Mark Miller sent this demo board to me from his shop in Idaho. 
25/19.2/24, never ridden any other Thrist. 
F2 stepins, 55/55, 6° toe lift front, 6° heel lift rear, UPZ RC8, size 28, 19” centered stance. 
I recommend adding one to your quiver. That’s my $0.02 and it may be worth less!

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On 12/10/2020 at 9:06 PM, Kneel said:

Piece of advice.  Don't try so hard. Take a deep breath, stay nice and quiet up top and just tilt her up on edge.  She rewards calm. 👍

That's one of the things I really love about the super smooth Thirst carve. Yes, you can ride them aggressively, pushing into a turn with board on edge and accelerate through the turn. But, they don't have to be driven hard. 

When conditions are right (smooth mellow terrain soft enough to get an edge), I love making lazy, relaxed upright turns, just a slight bend in the knees and ankles, shoulders and hips facing the same direction as my feet for stability and balance (a relaxed stance), hands at my side, and just lean into a turn (no angulation), shifting weight from toes to heels with little or no body movement. The carve is so smooth and quiet and predictable that you can just...relax...a magic carpet ride.

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