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05 Volkl RT 173 GS


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What's the deal with "Will ship in US only"? We've got much more snow in Canada and a buyer pays the shipping anyways...

after shipping them to Canada. Never used to have a problem until this year when the whole thing went to hell. One of the boards was opened up at customs and they scratched the base of the board enough to were UPS had to issue a claim check to the buyer to cover repairs to the base. Another was lost completely after crossing the border, never to be seen again. The third was delayed by over a week and the buyer missed out on giving it as a gift for a special occassion/trip. Unfortunately for me it's been costly and has kept some of my best buyers out of the loop due to the fact I won't ship there anymore. UPS & USPS were used (USPS lost the one board) so it wasn't just a "localized" problem. I've had boards go as far away as Denmark this year without a hitch, but Canada seems to be my "achilles heel" Maybe I should try DHL or FedEx?



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Try DHL. Hate to hear about trouble shipping to Canada since I am in Canada. I've had good success with stuff shipped by DHL -- it is probably the most expensive, but I understand that DHL does a good job sheparding stuff through customs and I've received boards in perfect order and in good time.



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