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Can you convert F2 Intecs to Bail?

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You can but it probably makes more sense to just find a used pair.  You have to replace the toe and heel blocks, but you still use the same hardware to mount them.  Donek (only has sm/lg) and yyz sell the blocks, but you would be in over $120 just for the blocks then you would have a bunch of random parts left over that wouldn't do you much good.  What size bindings do you use? Boot brand and size? I've got a set of large bails and just snagged some medium bails off here.  I'd be glad to bring them to Loveland when the time comes and you can take them for a spin.  The flex in the bails are much more uniform and loose than the intecs allowing for better micro adjustments over uneven terrain and out of position turns.  I think they are easier on the joints too.  You just lose some board feel/response and ALLLLLLLLLL that convenience though.

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Odds are good you can find someone willing to trade top parts Intec to bail. I did this last year when I went to MS boots. Super easy swap, but as noted it's maybe not worth it if over just getting another set.

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