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Sugarloaf 2020-2021


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I have been tracking the storm¬†ūüĎ欆 18" is not a bad start but seems like it's a do-over for the Loaf.

One is at the mercy of Covid.  Need to get test 72 hours prior leaving NY.
I have been very careful but could never be sure.

if my plan pan out.  I will be at the loaf from Dec 13 to about X-mas-ish.
Goal is to shake off the early season cobweb. 
Get the boots/binding dial in
visit Happy Tune (thinking about zipfit):  my boards get one tune/gauge fix a season lol... I do wax from time to time.

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If you could see, Hayburner and Kings were good today. You had to dodge some stubby ski gates on Kings. 

Due to Covid they aren't allowing Ruroc helmets, David. 

I've been looking for the elusive red jacket with the distinctive use pattern but haven't been lucky enough to spot it yet. 

It does seem more crowded than normal but it could just be the lack of terrain/lifts open combined with social distancing in the lift line. The parking lot seems more full than usual on a weekday.



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tough tough first day of the Season for me....  
Just when I thought I made some progress... The loaf server up piece of humble pie.

when the mountain report start with  "If you live in New England, you know the weather can change rapidly,"  you know you are in for a treat.

my favorite trail isn't even open (my Kingdom for Boardwalk lol); had to warm up on Tote road!
it was litter with people, pebble and death cookie.  Bring out your rock board.

sluice headwall -- bah... i was hopping around like a young man where at my age it's not advisable¬†ūü§™
Hayburner is the best trail:  not my typical season warm up regime

hands in front, look where (rotate with it) i want to go.
before each run; make sure the boot tongue are "right"; make sure i can bend/squat down in the back
Toe side is problematic...

day 1:¬† don't think i ever call it quit this early.... (9-2pm)¬†out of shape and Sugarloaf no longer honor half a day riding on arrival ūüė쬆which is my typical acclamation ritual.

i was at the lift line by 8:20 but they didn't start loading until after 9am.   Had to wait for groomer to clear.

1. sliding everywhere
2. riding it like regular snowboard
3. hopping around like a bunny rabbit
4. I got heel side
5. I got toe side
6. Can't link turn! WTF..
7.  make big turn, sloppy transition
8.  work on transition
9.  link some decent turn on Hayburner (not top to bottom and wider than I like).


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Day 2:  Cold and Windy.  AKA normal day for Sugarloaf.

1" make decent improvement on lower mountain 
On the top; wind scrap...

My teeth won't stopped chattering even as I sit in front of the fire.
Interesting day.  Even though Sun is out; for me visibility is worse than yesterday...
Curse the shadow!.  Didn't explore much today; just drill drill drill off the Super Quad.
Talk about taking 1 step forward and 2 step back.
After 2 run i was ready to quit; I rather be at work¬†ūü§™

i was cold, my feet hurt; pressure point everywhere.  Seems like everyone is trying to run me over.
Instead of a rain cloud over me head; seems i got my personal ice patch right under my feet.

mental note:  read the grooming report better.  Hayburner supposedly groom but don't feel like groom to me.

then something click:  use the force harry -- Gandalf 


Feet hurt because i am in surviving mode; screw it just throw it over the edge and see what happen.
woo!  that familiar but elusive feel of carving bless...  def not quite there yet but on the right path.

After couple hours; quad burn(the good kind). 
Still fairly static.  Need to be more dynamic and look where I am going(head, shoulder, hip), hands forward.
Go for the boot cuff, work on the making edge transition shorter, push/pull/hop.

at the end; feet still hurt; still hot sport but tolerable.  It gets better and better...  

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@Corey  thanks!  look at my notes from last year; the click moment is right on schedule.  Only a dozen more click to go before i am at the end of last season... sigh; why can't i ever just pick it up where I left it off....

@powdahbonz cool!  Would be awesome to ride together!  That was an awesome trip(unofficial Sugarloaf session)!  How many years was that?  the food was amazing.   The camaraderie...  i think my carving ability peak that season and been chasing that high since lol.. 

Thanks Jack...  the Good Doctor might make an appearance.  it must be something i am not doing right - technique or something.  the tongue in the boot keep on moving and kill my shin.  seems like i have to adjust it every single ride.

learning how to wear the boots all over again is my least favorite part.  If footbed can solve that i am all for it.

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@pow4ever I forget, are you on MS .951 now?  I run the stock booster strap inside the plastic tongue and it prevents the liner tongue from twisting. I only have to do this on my back foot though, because I am weird.

If you are on a different boot, get some Intuition Power Wrap liners.  Happy Tunes has them and can mold them.  You may need a thinner model if you have a tighter fit.

But definitely get some footbeds!!


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Thanks Jack! Get to the chopper!
Yes MS .951.  I have the same exact problem; front liner tongue stay put, back foot tongue got a mind of its own.
I did try the Jack M fix that you shared last season and it does help but still need to remind myself to check after every couple run.

Today is cold but no wind so feel warmer than yesterday.  Condition gets better and better by the day.
I am running out of excuse lol.  TT is tearing it up today so it's me sucky. 

Cut the riding day short today; Got the @Beckmann AG Footbed made.

"Call today!", "Act now", "don't walk run" to get an appointment with the good doctor.  I am kicking myself for not doing this sooner.

excuse time:
I did try 2 pairs of non-AG but custom orthotic(expensive) footbed before and both footbed stink, stank and stunk.
pain/pressure point/took too much volume in the liner so it squish my feet.

Hence I didn't want to try footbed but Jack/Beckman seldom steer me wrong.
Well guess third time is a charm.
the difference is amazing.  It make my running sneaker feel wobbly...

may or may not be today's footbed session:

I am cautious optimistic that this will solve couple of my main problem (there are many):

Inconsistent -- the delay response can be compensated but at some point; the negative feedback loop just fubar everything.  With the AG footbed; the boot response is instant or much faster than what I am used to.

foot pain/pressure point:  the footbed support my feet so its shape of a feet instead just "splat" in the liner.
Foot in the liner/boots are held in a firm and support manner instead me have to crank the buckle so tight or have it flopping around.

well proof is in pudding; tomorrow will be interesting for sure.  I am sure i will have new excuses lol...

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13 hours ago, pow4ever said:

Cut the riding day short today; Got the @Beckmann AG Footbed made.

"Call today!", "Act now", "don't walk run" to get an appointment with the good doctor.  I am kicking myself for not doing this sooner.


Best decision David, I took Jack and John’s advice on Footbeds over a decade ago. 

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