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I think I'm getting better!!!!


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All along this year I've strived to get to a higher level of riding, meaning feeling comfortable on steeper runs. I was never really able to bleed off enough speed and stay in control. Through sheer determination I started staying lower, angulating more, switching edges sooner yada yada yada...you know the rest. Anyway, I finally reached the point where I'm able to actually carve uphill before ripping that mofo around sweeter than I ever knew possible. But that's not the real story. Something happened that had never happened before. I was layng out a sweet toeside turn, gettin'nice and low when when "It", happened.....I actually booted out!!!! Now normally booting out is not such a good thing but on this particular day old Miguel (closer to 60 than 55) was proud as a peacock! And let it be known that this didn't happen on soft Aspen corduroy but on East Coast Granite! I must confess that my rear boot (the one that hit) does hang over a tad but not that much. :) Anyway, I'm not really bragging or anything, just sharing the joy and letting everyone know that this has been my most rewarding season ever. I'm heading up to K-Town this weekend to round out the season. Everyone have a great end of season run.


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I know the feeling. I've barely gotten to ride this season, but I've had a few days where I was hitting a level of technique consideribly above what I thought I was capable of. I keep bummping above a breakover point where suddenly everything just starts working unconciously.

It's frustrating because I don't think I'll be able to put in enough mileage in the season that remains to really push myself accross that breakover point permanantly. I'm going to have to rediscover some of this in the first few days of next season :rolleyes:

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