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When the border opens i want to .................


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Take the camper and the ADV bike to Oregon for a couple of weeks. Hoping Rally in the Gorge is back on next year.

Find a cheap flight to San Diego, go see my friends, and spend some time in Joshua Tree and Anza Borrego in the fall.

Get back to Portland, and MotoGP in Austin.

Go see my friends in Whitefish (miss you guys!) but I think that will be a next season thing 😞

When that vaccine's available, I'm going to be first in line if it means I can travel again.


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Pack up the family, fly over the ocean and spend some time with my parents in New Mexico.  We make the trip every summer but this year... 😞

Incredibly fortunate and grateful that we burned through some of our savings to make an additional trip during Christmas last year.

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5 hours ago, Allee said:

Dang. What a drag.

LOL. It’s a double edged sword:

<sarcastically>Visiting my family in italy totaly sucks.</sarcastically>

<earnestly>Not being able to visit my family in Italy because the EU has banned US travelers for our disastrously inadequate handling of the pandemic sucks.</earnestly>

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8 minutes ago, Poloturbo said:

Flying to Gabriola's island picking up my camper that is still there.

Visiting states parks everywhere Canada/USA. Downhill biking everywhere. Surfing everywhere. 

Cross country back home.


Are you sure there aren't a bunch of snowbird refugees living in it now ?

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