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I have 2 days on this board. Riding back at Loveland ths season with my wife Katie and getting in a few laps with the LCI. What a great group! Its early season, the board has a 14.6m average sidecut and did I mention it's early season? The long and short of the two short days that I have ridden this board. No chatter, no vibrations and no complaints. The less I do to force the board where I want it to go, the easier it gets there. Unable to get the board really up to the speed it is comfortable operating at with only a couple runs open. That said, I'm excited to get it there. Only 100 of these made and several already spoken for. I am able to get these Alloy Snowboards from overseas for far less than you would think of a carbon, metal, race base, full tilt BX board. I also have a new DO 165 and the 159 Darwin's Flow to test drive. The AZX1 has my full attention right now. Made at the Tunisia Factory by Nidecker. Quality build! Thank you to Designer/Shane Kang!

Check the short clip of day 2 on the AZX1 and with totally different angles/stance from the first day.  Please check out alloysnow.com for details about the complete line up. My wife is on The One 153 and likes it a lot. same board that Louie Vito is on!


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On 12/5/2020 at 11:28 AM, Poloturbo said:

Very good first impressions and review. 

Would love to try the AZX1

Any risers or toe drag? Angles?

Width of the board?

AZX will be at Montucky

No risers or drag. Size 9 boot/large flow NX2 running 36/24. Width is 25.8 I believe. There is a specs page on the website. 


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Rode this today (thanks, Lance!). I'm not really qualified to review it, but I'll give my impressions. Today was the first day I've put on softboots in 20 years, so needless to say there was a bit of a learning curve there. But the AZX felt great. It was 0* after a cold night and a few day old snow- so firm but great carving conditions. The board had no problem rolling between edges, and seemed happy to lock in when you got there. At the same time, it could easily be broken into slides or skids, and seemed totally content to ride base flat at whatever speed I could point it. I imagine for someone who has more experience on softboots it would be stellar, and if you wanted a bit more surface volume on softboots for a race deck alternative, I think it would be a fun option.


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Good News!

20/21 Alloy Snowboards will be available for next winter!!! PRICES LOOK GREAT! Get a DO for fun and an AZX for when you plan to get serious!



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