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If you were to buy a jib board?

Spiny Norman

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So, My 10yo son skis and until this year I have been skiing with him. But I don't want to ski anymore. I am thinking of subjecting my 56yo body to learning some freestylin'.


Any recommendations for a jib board to learn on. Just screwing around on the blue  trails or the beginner park. And no effing rails!


A main stream production board please (so not the Knapton twin). I won't be dropping much cash on this.


Cheers, Spencer

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Go alpine and watch the jaws drop. It's actually not too hard to do few jumps and spins on hard boots. Shorter and softer all-mountain or even any regular board mounted with plates. Flopy plates, like Burton Race or even Carrier. F2 Carve RS or Blax are very good too. 

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