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How it all started


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Just found on classified a copy of my first alpine board. For 30$, couldn’t resist! Thanks @JFChamp for the help...

I was following the snowboard association training to become a snowboard teacher (probably in 1989). The guys in charge were hard booting, one of them was importing those ATS boards from Europe. I bought one right away and sold my Turquoise/pink Kemper Freestyle. I had a PJ6 after and can’t remember all the other ones after.

Anybody else still have his (her) first alpine board? Good memories...

Now I wonder if I’ll risk it on the mountain or just keep it as a wall hagner!



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Very similiar story/time frame for me as well. Started boarding in 87' on a Burton split tail Cruzer. Bought a Kemper Freestyle 165 (black board with pink and green writing) in 88'. In 89' bought a Burton Cruise 165. In 91' a friend became the midwest rep for Burton. He sold me a Burton M6 Asym for cheap - like $150 or close. I still have it.

Moved to Dillon, Co in 92' and went hardboot set up on ALL boards. Started with 5 hole Burton plate bindings on Kemper and M6. By 93' I bought a Burton PJ54 and a K2 race board, but can't remember what is was. I also have a couple of Burton Supermodels and a older A-Deck. Boot wise I started using a Raichle hard boot that killed my feet, then went to Burton Megaflex that I loved. They were cheap though and only lasted a little more than a season.  My current boot is the Burton Wind. They are durable and have held on well for over 20 years, but I don't get in 70 days a year either.

I used to make up my own top to bottom down hill runs at Arapahoe Basin, Copper Mt & Keystone. Just a blast ripping down the mountain at over 50mph. I can still hold my own in my upper 50's and hope to hold on for another decade or so.

Photo - Upper Enchanted Forest at Copper on my Supermodel 154



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