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SOLD-Brand new 2020 UPZ XC12 Shoxxter 26-26.5

Todd West

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18 hours ago, Todd West said:

Hi Arn, I am a 9, now they felt good when I put them on, but my boot fitter said I should go bigger? I am going on his word, but definatly cost me. Let me know if you want anymore  information or different  pictures.  Have a good evening!


None of my buisness, but if they felt good when you put them on  (especially unmolded), I'd be shocked if going bigger was helpful unless you have a particular foot anomoly that needs to be accounted for.

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Unfortunately super high arches and some toe issues and the fitter wanted more room in the shell to work. He said I would be better going next shell size up. Been out of the game for a while so taking his word....though it cost me. I struggle with finding the right hunting boots and was hoping I could finally get it right the first time....nope!

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Hi Todd, these are very tempting. I've worn both 26.5 and 25.5 in Deeluxe, and 25.5 in UPZ.

Currently in a 2015 UPZ RC12 25.5 w a race-plug inTuition liner (thinner, low volume liner) and custom footbeds.

 - love this set up because of great fit around my heels (narrow feet) -- just not the warmest.

UPZ's are known for smaller heels and larger toe box; I'm curious if your boot fitter suggested a low-volume intuition liner ?

I would need a 26.5 shell to use a Zip-Fit Liner or regular inTuition Liner (higher volume liners).

..just thinking out loud here !

Anyway, would you mind measuring length of your foot in CM's ? 

It is difficult to purchase without trying boots, as you know !!


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