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New THOR Carving Mittens

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I recently got a set of the THOR Snowboard Carving Mittens.  I have not gotten a chance to use them yet, but thought I would share some pictures and thoughts.  

The palm fabric is "Super Fabric". I have seen this fabric used in other high wear locations on ski clothing and on the Level Super Carve Mitts. It is a very very durable fabric in high abrasion situations.  The THOR mitt is a very simple design with minimal seams to wear out.  It is lightly lined with fleece but you will need to wear a liner with them.  If you are wearing wrist guards, there will be plenty of room for them.  I will most likely add a "don't drop your mitten" leash soon. Another cool feature is that the palm has a thin layer of dense foam padding for protection.  

I chatted with John he said to seal the seams with E6000 adhesive and spray the palms with Minwax Polyurethane Spray.  So I just finished that up and am patiently waiting to get them on the snow.  

The price is very reasonable for a carving specific mitt ($70USD).  I know his last design with kevlar on the hands held up very well and I expect these will also.


The pictures were from before I sealed them up.  CAT scans came back inconclusive.







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37 minutes ago, dredman said:

CAT scans came back inconclusive.

lol :biggthump

Love my Thor SG1 Super Gloves...........just now needing replacing after 5 years of Patting the Dog ~

Interesting background in  your photos Dred  :eplus2:.......you just had to show off your fancy spancy vacuum, did'nt ya. 

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I rode last year's version and burned through a pair in a month here at Sugarloaf riding most days. The thumb flap shape needs improvement. It's a weak link. Also using a fabric that increases friction isn't a great idea either. The fabric should be durable but smooth. There's hope here but it needs work.

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I would tread them with seamgrip, to reduce friction while protecting the fabric at the same time. That's what I do with all my gloves and mittens I wear for carving and I'm very happy.
It's easy to apply, durable and you can renew it on stressed spots.

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I am impressed with the E6000 and Minwax polyurathane spray.  They turned out really nice after the treatment.  I'll let you all know how they hold up.  

I have the same fabric on another set of mitts and they have held up really well.  I am going to give them the same treatment to prolong the life.  



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22 hours ago, dredman said:

I am impressed with the E6000 and Minwax polyurathane spray.

Didn't now those.
I'm curious if this thin layer is as durable as with my neoprene glue which is also polyurethane based.

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I have not used neoprene glue, nor have I used this polyurethane spray, or E6000 so I am learning as I go with this one.  I have always used ShoeGlue on my gloves with pretty good results.  

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On 11/16/2020 at 3:16 PM, b0ardski said:

you could just keep your hands out of the snow;-/

That's just crazy talk!

I've been meaning to try these — thanks for the reminder! Ordering a pair now.

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